Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Marikka Nakk...

and my favorite? ...the plaid!

there is just something about these pieces that scream !ready for cooler weather!...

jackets and comfy sweaters... perfect!

there are different textures and styles.. everyone will find one that is just right!


  1. Hi Angela! I had SO much fun shopping and visiting... I want to thank you again for the lovely Velvet Rosette Wristband, LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it!!! And finally getting THE TOP *swoon* definitely made my Christmas ultra special! I did a Post today on my Blog (Bohemian Valhalla) about Frilly Frocks so that all the MP enthusiasts can discover your wonderful Boutique... and get turned onto Rare Earth Designs as well. You will see on my Post the photo I took of that Pinkish Top, I really liked that one too... and the Plum one... AND... *wink* See ya at the Melrose Crawl... Christmas Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Leslie... what was the Designer's name again on those fabulous Victorian Lace-Up Style White boots you were wearing? Had fun at the Crawl... glad I put the bloomers on layaway... but I was so bloomer-entranced that I completely forgot to take a look at those AMAZING belts that Angela made and everyone was wearing!!! Minnie and Shelly's were so beautiful... I definitely want to get one of those! *swooning* So I hope to remember to take a look at them the next time I'm in the Shop making a payment on my MP layaway! *wink*

    Dawn... The Bohemian